Services Provided

Why hire a College Admissions Consultant?


Don’t let years of hard work in school, sports, clubs and other activities get lost in the crowd when you can give your child an edge over other applicants. Let me help you emphasize his unique experiences, generate an application that will rise to the top and improve your student’s chances of acceptance at the college of his choice.


As your college admission consultant I can provide the following services:

  • Explain the overall admissions process and how universities will view your student’s qualifications (standardized test scores, transcript/curriculum, extracurricular activities, employment, academic enrichment programs and honors, hobbies/talents.)
  • Provide guidance in selecting an appropriate, challenging high school curriculum.
  • Suggest relevant supplemental academic programs to develop leadership abilities and exposure in the planned area of study.
  • Assist in planning college campus visits, including preparing your student with relevant campus visit questions.
  • Direct the student and parents in preparation of questionnaires used to prepare counselor and teacher letters of recommendation.
  • Assist with the preparation of: college applications, an easy-to-read expanded resume and relevant application supplements.
  • Work with the student to select essay topics that will highlight his strengths and reflect his personality.
  • Prepare your child for on campus and alumni interviews.


And perhaps most importantly,

  • Provide support, encouragement and direction to student and parents during what could otherwise be a tense and emotional period of time.


Let's discuss how I can help your student create the strongest college application possible and support your family during this exciting time.

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