What students and their parents are saying about

Jeffrey Hill


“Within days of working with Mrs. Hill as our consultant for our second child we received more timely, helpful and relevant attention and feedback than in the entire year we employed an elite and very expensive East Coast consultant to help with our first child’s college application process.”

         C.K. (Parent of HS Senior ‘12)



"The single most difficult task a mother will do, other than giving birth, is shepherding a child through the college application process--the endless amount of data compiled for four years, accounting for every hour of extracurricular activities, every award.  And everything must go in a precise place on the application.  We live in a very competitive world, so every bit counts and how it is presented, even more.  Jeffrey Hill was a blessing.  She composed, with my son, the best application that he could possible have.  Her knowledge of how to send in last minute awards throughout the year to update his admission files was invaluable.  She created an impressive resume that you know admission counselors love to read, rather than just the crammed in application form.  Jeffrey met my son and I at the Texas A&M recruitment center here in town.  She found out everything we needed to know and more.  She made a very stressful process so much easier.  Jeffrey is truly priceless"

         S.G. (Parent of HS Senior ‘11)



"...thank you so much for helping me with all of my applications. My essays would have been crap without you. My resume would have been the same way."
         M.J.H. (Sr. '11)



“We appreciate the personalized attention Jeffrey gave to our son.  Starting with her evaluation of the type of guidance that would work best for him, she always respected that he was the one who should be “driving” the college application process, although he sometimes needed some politely persistent prompting.  She continually adapted her approach to fit our son’s situation, rather than requiring our son to adjust to a set approach. 

It was important to us and to him that it be a team effort, and not directed by the adults only.  Her assistance in the development of his essays was extremely important. Jeffrey’s tireless researching of appropriate colleges for our son revealed some ideal opportunities that we certainly would not have identified on our own.   From the beginning to its successful conclusion, our experience with Jeffrey as our son’s college admissions advisor was a pleasure.”

         A.P (Parent of HS Senior ‘11)



“Jeffrey was completely thorough throughout the entire process of completing the application, testing, essays, recommendations and deadlines.

Her knowledge and information was current, well thought out for the individual student, and absolutely correct on all levels.

Jeffrey remained involved, connected and supportive with my child at all times.  She is the perfect combination of true expertise, caring, and the necessary work involved to be successful.

I will definitely make certain my next child has the same opportunity to work with her when we begin his college application process.”

         R.H. (Parent of HS Senior ‘11)

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